Thunder Frosted White portion snus

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thunder white frosted extra strong portionA long awaited White portion version of Thunder Frosted, Thunder Frosted White portion has the same icy cool mint flavor as the original version, only in a white version.  Thunder Frosted White still has the same eye popping 16 mg.  of Nicotine per portion but is less runny and a bit softer in the lip.  Snus users looking for Thunder Frosted's intense flavor but with less drip, should give thunder Frosted's White portion a try!

Nicotine: 16 mg per portion    Amount: Approx. 20 portions    Type: White portion    Availability: Worldwide

Thunder Blue Long+ portion snus

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thunder long blueOne of the most uniquely flavored snus on the market, Thunder Blue Long+ portion is an Extra Strong version of another snus brand by V2 Tobacco, Phantom Blue. Thunder Blue Long's flavor profile is predominantly of lemons with a sweet note, hints of tobacco and a touch of salt. The flavor we can closly compare Thunder Blue Long to is an American candy called "Lemonheads". While the scent from the can is of a strong lemon/pepper combination, the flavors are pretty light compared to other snus flavors in the Thunder line. Great for those looking for an ES with a light flavor but still want the kick of a high Nicotine snus.

Nicotine: 16 mg per portion    Amount: Approx. 20 portions    Type: Long, Originall portion    Availability: Worldwide

Thunder Frosted Longer+ portion snus

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thunder frosted long plus A longer and thinner portion is what makes this version of Thunder Frosted different from it's Original type portion version. The reason for this long, thin version is that portions that are longer tend to sit more comfortably in the lip and being a bit thinner makes the portion more discreet. The same intense, Icy Cool mint flavor and mindboggling 16 mg. of Nicotine per portion that makes Thunder Frosted unique, can also be found in Thunder Longer+ portion. With the new portion dimensions, we've had a portion in for over 2 hours with no discomfort whatsoever. Great for ES lovers looking for a more discreet way to enjoy the Thunder Frosted flavor.

Nicotine: 16 mg per portion    Amount: Approx. 24 portions    Type: Long, Original portion    Availability: Worldwide

Thunder Berry Blend portion snus

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thunder berryA unique blend of ripe, red berries flavor this high Nicotine, Original type portion snus. The fresh flavors of sweet Cherries, Strawberries and Raspberries dominate the snus with a subtle hint of the earthy tobaccos in the background. Unlike other berry flavored snus brands that only focus on one type of berry, V2 has colored outside the lines by not only making a true red berry flavored snus but also making it with a whopping 16 mg of Nicotine per portion. The portions themselves are soft and comfortable in the lip and remain that way for over 2 hours. The flavor lasts just as long. If your looking for an Extra Strong snus with a truly unique flavor, give Thunder Berry Blend a try!

Nicotine: 16 mg per portion    Amount: Approx. 24 portions    Type: Original portion    Availability: Worldwide

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